Web Design

Your web site is one of your most important marketing assets. Websites are not just about information delivery anymore, they must provide a user-friendly experience that makes an impact on visitors.

For 18 years, Whitestar Data Solutions has helped its small business customers maximize their web presence with unique and innovative web design services that capture the unique user experience. We understand that small businesses deserve the same quality design services as the big guys, and have dedicated ourselves to developing a style that not only suits our customers, but captures their business culture in a visually compelling way.

At Whitestar, our web design services are guided by two simple principles:

To ensure we adhere to these principles, we work closely with our customers to understand their vision, business goals and technology investments. For every customer, we use the latest tools and technologies to create designs that capture the message of their core business and maximize their web presence. Whether it's a simple 'brochure' site or a comprehensive, interactive, multi-level site, we help our customers discover what a well designed web site can do for their business. Our web site design services include:

Whitestar Data Solutions also applies its unique design skills to developing corporate identity packages for clients. These services include: